December 2019 Charity Update

December 2019 Charity Update

Pubbets is working with a small grassroots charity program in Cambodia called the 'I See I Do' program. This program does a lot of different work in Takeo province, including emergency housing, medical and financial support for people living in poverty.
They also run a charity school that provides free education to over 100 kids from the local province.
Pubbets gives 10% of all profit to this school project and the contribution from November has gone towards their computer room. The money was used to replace 10 damaged keyboards.
My dream is to build Pubbets to the point where I can replace my teaching income and become a full-time volunteer ESL teacher to help projects like this. What an amazing experience!
Pubbets will be visiting Kim at his centre in 2020 and I'm looking forward to helping all I can during my stay. If we can sort out a reliable internet connection I'll be able to stay for an extended period and continue teaching my online classes in the evening.
Here's a look at the school centre and a quick clip from Kim teaching the daily English class.
I'm looking forward to a great year in 2020 and our continued support of Kim Ny and his amazing charity work in Cambodia.
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