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January 2020 Charity Update

January 2020 Charity Update
We sent a contribution to the I See I Do charity program in Takeo Province, Cambodia this month. I will continue to support this program throughout 2020 due to the amazing work that is going on at their centre.
Thank you to Tony in Australia who sent a large donation to help pay for school supplies and uniforms for some of the students.
Check out a video from Kim Ny at their school centre:
Pubbets now sponsors Chan Thue each month so she can go to school every day and doesn't need to scavenge for wild vegetables to provide for her grandmother and toddler brother.
I hope to sponsor more disadvantaged kids on and ongoing basis to help give them a better start in life as Pubbets grows throughout 2020 and into the future.
If you'd like to donate directly to the I See I Do charity please contact me and I can include your donation in the monthly payments that are sent.

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