The Pubbet 4 Design Evolution

The Pubbet 4 Design Evolution

This is a good side by side shot showing the old and new Pubbet design.

The old pattern is on the left and was completed before our indiegogo campaign started.

We reached the funding goal very quickly on  indiegogo, and that’s when I decided to go back to the drawing board and make some improvements...!

I want to sell a lot of these puppets and set the foundation for a long-term business that creates genuine value for customers. This puppet needs to be the very best quality possible ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

The mechanics of the puppet have always been important to me, because as a puppeteer that uses puppets 6 days a week in my online classes - I know that comfort is really important.

The factory design manager and I chatted, swapped pictures and sketches, and worked to improve the production pattern.The puppet shown below is the end result and I couldn’t be happier with it after using him in my classes over the weekend!

The mouth opens almost completely. This adds so much more expression to the puppet, and it’s a joy to use. I had him hollering, singing, pretending to eat things etc in class and the students loved it.

I also found that I was using the puppet longer during class due to how much lighter it is. 

But the real ‘a-ha!’ moment came thanks to my 8 year daughter. This kid is brutally honest and doesn’t pull any punches 😂

She’s never really been into puppets until now. God knows I’ve tried, but her reaction has always been ‘meh’...

That all changed after the new Pubbet 4 arrived last weekend! 🥰

She actually asked me to have him talk to her. Then even better - she grabbed the older puppet sample and we had a long chat together via the puppets.

Proud Dad moment! 😀 She even grabbed the sample t-shirt and claimed it.

📈 Here’s a brief outline of the improvements that we’re getting in the updated design:

🎁 1. Taller head shape - This helps with creating a bigger pocket for the hand to sit comfortably.

🎁 2. Less stuffing - This helps dramatically with an improvement in comfort and mouth control.

🎁 3. Updated mouth shape - This creates a cleaner mouth line and a kind of resting ‘smile’ as shown in the photo. The puppet is on a tripod and the mouth naturally hangs down loosely.

🎁 4. Updated fabrics for the outfits. We’re now using real apparel fabrics as opposed to cheaper toy quality materials. This includes dark blue denim fabric for the pants, which looks nice with both outfit variants. We’re also using real zippers and buttons with button holes. Little details like that.

🎁 5. Thinner body - he’s still got a cute tubby body but there’s much less stuffing and the body pattern is slimmer. This again improves comfort levels and decreases the overall weight.

🎁 6. Orange nose - This was my idea because I wasn’t liking the light blue colour in photos and video. The face needed more ‘pop’ and I thought back to the original Pubbet colours of orange and blue. The nose is also smaller and rounder.

🎁 7. After a lot of experimenting I made some changes to the eyes, nose and glasses placement. I wasn’t 100% happy with the original and finally found a layout  that looks friendly and likeable.

🎁 8. Extra pupils - thanks to an idea from Drew Suttle each Pubbet will ship with a set of pupils attached, but another 2 sets unattached.
This means you can experiment and create your own expression by changing the pupil placement. I’m working on an animated video that outlines the Pubbet Pupil Placement Process (or PPPP for short).

This will be sent to everyone a few days after shipment and will help create a sense of excitement with the puppet being very close to arriving  🙂

🎁 9. Updated hair piece pattern- My original design had a simple circle of hair on top of the head. it looked ok but I wanted something better. The new hairpiece is bigger and has a peak at the front.

Good fun!  

I meant to make a video today to show the differences and improvements but got caught up doing extra lesson prep for classes this week. I’ll get a video done for you ASAP.


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