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Pubbet 6: Josie Pre-Order Sale! SAVE 20% Shipping in October 📦

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$99.95 USD
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$124.95 USD
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$99.95 USD


✅ This is a pre-order sale for our 6th Pubbet puppet character: Josie.
💰 You can save USD$25 by placing your pre-order now 💰
🥇 You'll also be first in line to get Josie when we start shipping next month! 🥇

Josie has a range of high-quality features, including:
✅ Full-body design - approximately 32" / 81 cm tall.
✅ Internal elasticated finger grips to give you precise control while also being super comfy to use for all ages.
✅ Light weight. Josie is a professional sized puppet but only weighs 800gm.
✅ Flexible mouth palate for unlimited expression and control of your Pubbet.
✅ Posable fingers so you can point, face-palm and more!
✅ Add-on outfits to easily transform your Pubbet into a whole new character.
✅ 'Elbows' sewn into the arms for easier movement
✅ Detachable legs that are held on with a velcro strip.

✅ Beautiful eyelids and eyelashes.
✅ Black yarn hair with red ties.
✅ Adorable toes! 🤣 Seriously they're super cute!

She can be used for storytelling, school plays, performance art or just kicking back and having fun!

✨✨ Your imagination Is The Only Limit ✨✨

Added Value For You...

🎁 FREE Josie design printed drawstring carry bag
🎁 FREE adoption certificate - individually numbered with a gold seal
🎁 FREE access to the Pubbets Academy
🎁 FREE extra eye pupils
🎁 FREE shipping worldwide

Stand Out From The Crowd With Josie!

You’ll feel and see the difference as soon as you pull her out from the special drawstring carry bag and look into her big friendly face! 🙂


⚠⚠ This isn’t an ordinary retail hand puppet! ⚠⚠

Josie Includes a Tailor-Made Outfit Set:
✅ A white t-shirt with bright yellow skirt
✅ Sleeveless red hoodie jacket
✅ Sunflower design sandals

💌 Pubbets Charity Program 💌

  • 10% of profit goes to our kids education charity program.
  • You can read more about this project on our website and blog.

🏅 Don’t Forget - Every Pubbet Character Is a Limited Edition! 🏅

We started in 2018 and Josie is our 6th major puppet character.
The first three characters are sold out, and we are running low on stock for Pubbet 4.
These characters won't be made again - and you'll have an individually numbered certificate for your Josie Pubbet!

When you're not having fun with Josie, she’ll look great on display in your home or office and is designed to sit up by herself without extra support.

Pre-Order Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will you start manufacturing?

We've already started on the 1 September! The order should take 3-3.5 weeks to finish and then we will ship pre-orders first before offering Josie for sale on our website and here on etsy.

2. When will you ship Josie?

We are hoping to start shipping in early October, but there may be some delays in processing inventory. A more realistic estimate would be on or before 15 October 2021, based on previous orders.

We already have the factory, freight fulfilment agency and quality inspection team lined up from our previous order, so everything should be ready very soon!

Shipping Information
✅ We ship from our freight fulfilment center in Hong Kong.
✅ Most orders arrive in 9 to 16 days.
✅ Each Pubbet puppet comes inside a drawstring carry bag for safe keeping.
✅ We send you updates throughout the shipping process and you can contact us any time for more information.

5. Can I cancel my pre-order?

No problem!

In the very unlikely chance that there is any disruption in manufacturing or other issues that affect the release of Pubbet 6: Josie, you can request a refund which will be paid within 2 business days.


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