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Josie Full-Body Pubbet™

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🏫 10% goes to kids education

Meet Josie, our cutest Pubbet™ yet!

No matter what your level of puppetry skill is, our Josie full-body Pubbet™ has been designed by pro puppeteers and teachers to be versatile enough to suit all ages and ability levels.

Why you'll LOVE Josie just as much as we do..!

  • She's super cute: We spent months getting her design just right! Everything from her hand-sewn felt eyelids to her little toes - this cutie is going to make people say wow!
  • Light-weight: Josie is a pro-sized puppet that stands 81 cm / 32" tall, but she only weighs 800g. This means kids and grown-ups can easily use Josie for extended periods without arm strain.
  • Professional features: All of our Pubbets™ have posable fingers, internal finger grips and add-on outfits as standard. Josie would be right at home on TV alongside your favourite puppet stars! 

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Adopting a Pubbet™ is an experience in itself!

We're not content to only offer you an amazing full-body puppet at a great price.
We want your buying experience to be special (and FUN) 🙂

🎁 Training and resources. Join our Pubbets Academy secret group and get trainingresources and make new friends from all over the world. The Pubbets Academy is only available for Pubbet™ owners!

🎁 Pubbet™ Adoption certificate. Individually numbered and sealed with a gold Pubbets stamp and stored in a beautiful Josie envelope. Add your name and signature to make it official!

🎁 Extra eye pupils. The eyes have it, and we include an extra 2 sets of adhesive-backed felt eye pupils. It's really easy to customise Josie's eye focus and expression. 

🎁 Josie design carry bag. Take your Josie Pubbet™ everywhere you go in style with her free carry bag. It's big enough to hold Josie and extra goodies. These bags are so popular that we'll be offering them soon as standalone products!

Our Pubbets are not only adorable but they're also built strong to give you years of happy memories

Your Pubbet™ order helps disadvantaged kids

We believe that every child should be given the chance to fall in love with education. 

That's why 10% of all profit goes to our charity program.

Since 2018 we've donated thousands of dollars to charity projects throughout SE Asia. Pubbets has helped schools to build new classrooms, provided food to hundreds of students and offered emergency assistance to kids trapped in poverty.

Read more about our charity program here


Just like our previous 5 Pubbet™ characters, Josie is a limited edition puppet.

When we sell out of our current stock - that's all, folks!

Buy Josie today and take your puppetry to the next level!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sandra M.

She is amazing love her. Her mouth is easy to use even with my left hand can’t wait for the hand rods to come. I have added earrings and a bow in her hairs d a ring on her finger. Have got lots of outfits for her as well. She will be a great addition to the rest of my puppets

Maria E.L.J.
Great puppet

This puppet is fantastic quality and so cute . I am so happy with my purchage. She is much bigger than I thougt. Great details. Possable fingers. she even got toes .

Aren't the toes cute? We were really happy how the new pattern turned out!

Brian Z.
I've got 6 pubbets and I love them all!

I've known the creator of Pubbets from the beginning and have seen the journey. His pubbet creations are wonderful and beyond worth the cost. The best part is that each pubbet purchased gives 10% to a very worthwhile children's charity.

Kim (.
Josie's sneak preview a hit!

Josie is now wrapped for Xmas for my granddaughter after her 8 year old brother was lucky enough to have a sneak preview and play! It is a solid two thumbs up from him and a 5-star rating from me for quality.

christina P.
Beyond my Expectations

Josie was perfect!! Her size was larger than I imagined. My grandma and the residents at the home she lived in looooved her. The quality is top notch. Everyone loved her so much that I purchased Another pubbet for a gift.