July Charity Auction

July Charity Auction

I’m running an emergency charity auction to help Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity project in Takeo province, Cambodia.
Kim was running a school and medical centre in his village but that had to be stopped during the Covid outbreak.

He then established a poultry farm and has been raising ducks, geese and other poultry which he sells to generate income.

This is the kind of guy Kim Ny is. He didn’t stop and feel sorry for himself or give up. The poultry farm has been a success and kept his charity work running; helping local families with food, medial care and other assistance.

However, that all stopped recently when his province was placed in a Covid ‘red zone’. Strict lockdowns are in place. Mail isn’t being transported and he can’t send poultry to customers.

Kim contacted me late last night.. beside himself with worry. Everywhere he looks there are people looking to him for help. He’s been a pillar of his community for so long and people naturally look to him in times of trouble.

He needs food for the farm, food for his family and food for families in his village. This is an emergency and the red zone lockdown is set to continue for at least another 2-3 weeks.

I created this custom Pubbet a few months ago and got distracted by the Pubbet 4 launch and didn’t list her for sale.

She’s a cute puppet based on the Pubbet 3 body pattern. Long yellow yarn hair, a blue Pubbet nose and our Pubbet eyes complete her face.
She’s wearing a toddler size dress and is a half body puppet.

The bidding has started at $33 on our Pubbets Facebook page here

The auction will end on 15 July when I send the monthly charity contributions.

Thanks for your support! Let’s help these people get through the next few weeks and help Kim keep his poultry farm alive ❤️

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