How to Use Puppetry in the Workplace

How to Use Puppetry in the Workplace

Most workplaces are fast-paced and competitive. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to find new ways to engage your employees and give them opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

Incorporating puppets into your company’s culture is a fun and effective way to achieve these goals. Read on to discover how puppets can help your team come together as well as grow individually.

Why Should You Incorporate Puppets Into Your Culture?

Puppets can help bring people together and foster positive relationships.

This can be done by encouraging employees to use puppets in meetings and other professional settings. The use of puppets in the workplace can help decrease the professional distance between different departments, enabling employees to communicate more effectively.

Generally, when people are communicating with one another, they are either doing so in a professional capacity or on a more personal level. The use of puppets can help to blur these lines and create a more relaxed environment where people feel safe to communicate freely.

This can ensure that all voices are heard, regardless of departmental affiliation.

Puppetry can help alleviate tension and provide lighthearted moments in the workplace.

This can be particularly helpful for employees who are experiencing high levels of stress in their work.

By creating a more relaxed and friendly work environment, you can help reduce burnout and improve morale overall.

What Can Puppets Do For Your Company?

As we’ve discussed, puppets can do a lot for your business.

They can help foster positive relationships, improve company culture, and provide lighthearted moments in the workplace.

All of these things come together to create a more positive working environment, which can positively affect your company’s bottom line.

Puppets can also be used as a training tool.

In fact, they can help employees learn better and more quickly than other methods.

This is because they encourage engagement and participation, which in turn helps with retention rates.

How to Use Puppets in the Workplace?

You can use puppets to teach skills and break down complex topics into more manageable pieces.

Activities involving puppets are often fun and interactive, which makes it an excellent way to engage team members and encourage them to learn new skills.

3 Ways Puppetry Helps in the Workplace

  1. It encourages engagement
  2. It reduces professional distance
  3. It provides training opportunities

2 More Reasons to Include Puppets in the Workplace

  1. They can be used as a communication tool
  2. They can provide team-building opportunities


Puppetry is a unique and powerful tool that can be used to bring people together and foster positive relationships. It can also be used as a training tool and provide lighthearted moments in the workplace.

These things can help create a more positive working environment that can positively affect your company's bottom line.

Now that you know why you should incorporate puppets into your culture and how you can use them in the workplace, there are no more excuses! Get a professional style full-body puppet from and we'll send you a 10-part puppetry course totally free.

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