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Ellie May - Premium 35cm Half-Body Puppet with Carry Bag

Ellie May - Premium 35cm Half-Body Puppet with Carry Bag

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New Size. Same Pubbet Quality!

Pubbet hand puppets are designed to be durable, light-weight and FUN for all ages.

They're big enough for adults to use comfortably, but the smaller size makes them PERFECT for younger puppeteers too.

Plus - they're REALLY cute 🙂


These aren't average retail hand puppets!

  • Plastic resin eyes with duraprint black pupils
  • Hand sewn nose
  • Internal finger grips
  • High-quality materials

The great thing about puppetry is that you can have fun regardless of your ability level 🙂

As soon as you try one of our Pubbets you'll see how easy it is to create a really nice puppet character.

Just look into their big friendly face and the Pubbet will spring to life!

And if you want to take your puppetry to the next level, then join our Pubbets Academy for online puppetry training and resources. We'll send you a link after your order ships.


5 Places to use your Pubbet Hand Puppet

1. In the classroom. Are you a teacher? Using a Pubbet puppet as an assistant can help perk up just about any student. Yes - even grown-ups!

2. At home. Bedtime stories will never be the same again. Introduce a Pubbet to the routine and start creating epic storytime memories.

3. Online. TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts... Everyone is on social media but none of your friends or family will have a Pubbet Mini!

4. In your community. People love puppets! Introduce a puppet to your local group, church, workplace or other events. 

5. As a thoughtful, creative and awesome gift. Each Pubbet comes in a handy drawstring carry bag. Your friends and family will say WOW when they unwrap a big, goofy, colourful Pubbet Mini.

Pubbet Mini 3: Ellie May

  • Height: 35cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Package contains: 1 Pubbet Mini 35cm hand puppet, 1 drawstring carry bag

Buy a Pubbet - Change a Life

10% of all profit goes to disadvantaged kids through our Pubbets charity project.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Debbie C.

Ellie May turned up as a surprise! She actually has been renamed as Vanessa and has been introduced to the team at work. She will be working with kids in our classroom - woo hoo.

david m.
Ellie may puppet

Great puppet and great service

Emma S.
Absolutely wonderful

I use puppets for skits things on YouTube. Jasper has quickly become both mine and a fan favourite. He's so expressive and easy to use. With a couple control rods for the arms he really springs to life, I can't recommend enough!

Margaret G.
Perfect People Puppets

I loved these puppets. They all arrived in perfect condition right to our door. I love how each puppet has his/her own bag to keep it safe and it makes storing them easier as well. The puppets are the perfect size. They are not big and cimbersome for beginner puppeteers and they are bigger than a small hand toy puppet. My kids feel like they are real puppeteers already. I love their clothes and they are so prefessionally made!

Jake L.
We love it!

We had purchased a full size Pubbet for my son to work with and we decided we wanted a Mini for the car. Yes, for the car. We take him on road trips, do silly stuff like make him sing along to songs, and have a great time. We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase. High quality materials and very well made.