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Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package

Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package

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Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of puppetry with Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package!

This whimsical bundle is perfect for puppet enthusiasts, storytellers, and creative minds, offering everything you need for a captivating and enchanting puppet show.

🌟 Meet Grumplesnoot, the Inquisitive Storytime Monster Puppet

Get ready to be charmed by Grumplesnoot, the 60 cm (24") full-body monster puppet with a mischievous grin and a quirky personality!

With his soft short fur, blue body, and long orange nose, Grumplesnoot is a lovable and friendly creature who delights in captivating audiences of all ages. His big wide eyes, complete with wonky pupil placement, add an extra touch of goofiness and curiosity to his character. And let's not forget his bright yellow faux feather hair tuft that adds a playful flair to his appearance!

Grumplesnoot is dressed in a colorful striped t-shirt and dark blue overalls, always ready for an adventure-filled storytime session that will spark imaginations and bring smiles to faces.

🔹 Puppetry Essentials Included

This package includes a 30 cm arm rod, allowing you to animate Grumplesnoot with lifelike movements and bring his delightful personality to life. And to ensure convenience and protection, we've also included a handy carry bag, making storage and transportation of your cherished Grumplesnoot puppet a breeze.

🔹 Learn the Art of Puppetry

Unlock the secrets of puppetry with Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package! As a bonus, you'll gain access to a comprehensive 10-part Introduction to Puppetry course. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced puppeteer, this course will help you refine your skills, elevate your puppetry performances, and infuse even more enchantment into your shows.

🔹 Free Worldwide Shipping

We believe in spreading the joy of puppetry far and wide, which is why we offer free shipping on Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package to any corner of the world. No matter where you are, Grumplesnoot can be a part of your puppetry adventures!

🎁 The Perfect Gift for All Ages

Grumplesnoot's Storytime Monster Puppet Package is not just a puppet—it's an experience that brings people together through the magic of storytelling and imaginative play.

It's an ideal gift for puppet enthusiasts, teachers, librarians, and anyone who values the power of creativity. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, as well as adults young at heart, this delightful package will ignite imaginations and create cherished memories.

Don't miss out on the chance to add Grumplesnoot to your puppet collection and unlock a world of imagination and laughter! Order now and experience the joy of puppetry with this extraordinary puppet package.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chip H.

I love the look and feel of the puppet. With mirror work I’ve noticed that his eyes are focused upwards so the old “middle finger at the face” not as effective. But still a wonderful addition to the clan.

Lovable monster!

Our monster Snooty is the ugliest but cutest monster that is so soft and beautifully made. I love that he has a bag to get zipped into that doubles as a pillow so he has a place on the bed. Story time with Snooty adds another level of fun and wonder. Thanks Pubbets for making our lovable monster that is creating memories and happiness in our family.

Janice Q.
A very loveable monster

As soon as l saw him his personally jumped out and was so easy to come to life and he is so light to carry round .so he’s the lightest one yet and how can you go past that adorable little face

‘You really can’t find a better deal if you’re looking for TV quality hand puppets at an affordable price’

- Terry S (Brisbane Australia)