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Marvin and Grumplesnoot Puppet Bundle: Double the Fun and Adventures! PLUS Bonus Goofy Monster Tote

Marvin and Grumplesnoot Puppet Bundle: Double the Fun and Adventures! PLUS Bonus Goofy Monster Tote

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🎉 Marvin and Grumplesnoot Puppet Bundle: Double the Fun and Adventures! 🌟

Welcome to the magical world of Marvin and Grumplesnoot! 

This exclusive bundle brings together two of our most beloved puppet characters for endless hours of entertainment and imaginative play. And as a special bonus, we're including a FREE Goofy Monster Storage Tote with every bundle! 🎁

👉 Meet Marvin

With his charming personality and dapper style, Marvin is ready to take center stage in your puppet shows and storytelling adventures. His 24" (60cm) full-body puppet design allows for expressive movements, while the included arm rod provides extra control over his actions. 

Marvin will make your friends and family say 'WOW!'

👉 Introducing Grumplesnoot

Get ready for a dose of whimsy and mischief with Grumplesnoot, our adorable Storytime Monster puppet. This lovable creature stands at 24" (60cm) tall and features big wide eyes with bushy black eyebrows and a unique and quirky eye pupil placement that adds to his playful and inquisitive nature.

Grumplesnoot's design is all about embracing the joy of being delightfully different! 

Your Bundle Includes

✅ Marvin 24" (60cm) Full-Body Puppet

✅ Grumplesnoot 24" (60cm) Full-Body Puppet

✅ 2 x Arm Rods (one with each puppet) for Extra Control

✅ 2 x Carry Bags for Easy Storage and Transport

✅ Extra matte black pupil stickers for use in video work (non-reflective)

✅ FREE Goofy Monster Storage Tote (Valued at $18.50)

But that's not all! When you purchase the Marvin and Grumplesnoot Bundle, you also gain access to our exclusive Pubbets Academy Facebook group. 🎓 Join a vibrant community of puppet enthusiasts, share your puppetry creations, participate in fun contests, and unlock valuable puppetry tips and tricks from our experienced team.

In the group, you'll get access to a free 10-part Introduction to Puppetry Course, where you can refine your puppetry skills and learn how to bring characters like Grumplesnoot to life!

At Pubbets, we take pride in providing a seamless shopping experience for our customers. That's why we offer free worldwide shipping, ensuring your bundle and the FREE Goofy Monster Storage Tote arrive at your doorstep fast and safe. 🚚✈️

With our 5-star customer service and rave reviews from our delighted customers, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

🌟 Why Choose the Marvin and Grumplesnoot Bundle?

1️⃣ Double the Fun: Two captivating puppets in one bundle for endless entertainment.

2️⃣ High-Quality Craftsmanship: Handmade with attention to detail and built to last.

3️⃣ Expressive and Interactive: Full-body puppets with arm rods for dynamic performances.

4️⃣ Convenient Storage: Keep your puppets and accessories organized with the FREE Goofy Monster Storage Tote.

5️⃣ Access to Pubbets Academy: Join our private Facebook group and unlock exclusive content and community engagement.

6️⃣ Free 10-Part Introduction to Puppetry Course: Learn the art of puppetry and unleash your creativity.

Don't miss out on this incredible bundle that combines the charm of Marvin and the enchantment of Grumplesnoot.

Order your Marvin and Grumplesnoot Bundle today and let the puppetry adventures begin! 🎉🎭

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‘You really can’t find a better deal if you’re looking for TV quality hand puppets at an affordable price’

- Terry S (Brisbane Australia)