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Susan Alphabet. Brown 32" (80cm) Full-Body Lady Puppet with Tailored Outfit and Afro

Susan Alphabet. Brown 32" (80cm) Full-Body Lady Puppet with Tailored Outfit and Afro

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 🌟 Meet Susan Alphabet 🌟

Introducing Susan Alphabet, a puppet with a heart full of kindness from a world of creativity. Explore her magical world and let her inspire your imagination!

Experience the Magic of Susan Alphabet 🌈✨

Susan Alphabet is more than just a puppet; she's a source of joy and inspiration. With her rich dark brown colour, charming black afro, and friendly demeanor, she captures the hearts of all who meet her.

Susan is based on our latest version of the full-body Pubbet puppet. This updated design offers improved hand, head, and mouth movements for an enchanting puppetry experience!

Key Features

  • Elastic Finger Grips for Precision Puppetry
  • Semi-Rigid Mouth Plate for Expressive Performances
  • Premium Fabrics for Exceptional Quality
  • Professional-grade features for Puppetry Enthusiasts
  • Matte Black Velvet Eye Pupil Stickers for a Flawless Appearance

What's in the Box

  • Susan Alphabet: Your Creative Companion
  • Protective Carry Bag
  • Extra Anti-glare Eye Pupil Stickers
  • Exclusive Access: Pubbets Academy on Facebook

Free Worldwide Shipping

Enjoy FREE Worldwide Shipping on your Susan Alphabet. Susan will be carefully delivered to your doorstep in 14 to 21 days from our distribution center. Express shipping (5 to 7 days) is available for an extra $25 USD.

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