Charity Update September 2021

Charity Update September 2021
Sep 15, 2021 James Marshall

We've had a great month at Pubbets and have USD$1752 to distribute to the charity prorgams outlined below.

I See I Do Charity

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Kim Ny who runs the centre has been on cloud nine after being able to start classes again. This is truly his favourite aspect of the whole centre and I've noticed a huge change in his mood and attitude after being able to teach the students and see them all again.

Marvin Pubbet has been a hit with the kids and they use him in their English classes all the time!

The Pubbets t-shirts were awarded to the best improved students who were over the moon to get a new t-shirt! 

The centre also had a very generous sponsor from Phnom Penh donate school supplies for all of the students and deliver some lessons for them. This was a big success and now all of the kids have new stationery, school bags, water bottles and more!

Our donation this month is going toward refurbishing the school electrical systems and buying a TV screen so we can start working on the Pubbets online school program.

The original electircal work was done piece by piece and isn't suitable for the scale of the school now that it's grown to a full centre with 3 classrooms, medical centre and kitchen.

I will share updates next month showing the work that gets done to replace the wiring, add more lighting and setup an internet connection for our online class program (more info on that very soon!).

This month we sent $499.66 to pay for the electrical system upgrade and to buy a TV screen for our Pubbets online school program.

Kevin Levrone English School of Cambodia

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The classes are continuing this month and are usually fully packed with kids eager to learn English from the teacher Som Noy. Her husband David also helps out and they both assist local people in their village who have emergency needs.

The students have been thinking about why they want to learn English, and some of them put together this video to share their dreams for the future

This month we sent USD$200 (approximately 6580 baht) to their fundraising link here

Harvesters Baptist Church Orphanage, Cambodia

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Pubbets was contacted by one of the managers of the orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We sent them a Pubbet to use in their English classes and the kids had a lot of fun taking turns to use the puppet in class!

This centre has 41 kids living there and they're provided with a safehome environment, meals, medical care and classes each day. 

May be an image of 33 people, including Soeurn Soklay, child, people sitting, people standing and outdoors

Pubbets donated USD$200 to their school centre this month which will be used to pay for school lunches and school supplies for the students.

Ban Huai Lua School, Thailand

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Closer to home, we have found an amazing teacher who volunteers his time to trek up into a mountain region each week to deliver free lesson and meals to kids who aren't able to reach a public school. 

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Pubbets has allocated $540 USD to help this school program this month.

I will go to the wholesale market and buy food supplies to help the lunch program. I'll also meet with the organisers on the 24th and visit them to make a video and share in next month's update.

I'm excited about this program because it's close  to where I live and I hope to work with them a lot in the months and years ahead!

Hand 2 Hand Foundation, Thailand

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This project was actually one of the first that I supported when I started Pubbets in 2018. We're able to start helping them again now that sales have been going well.

They provide kindergarten classes to disadvantaged kids, scholarships for older students, emergency housing, prison visitations and much more. If you ever visit Thailand I highly recommend that you drop in and meet Margie and her team. It's a life changing experience.

We have contributed $312 which will sponsor one of their preschool students for a full year. 


As Pubbets continues to grow I have so many ideas to grow the charity program too! 

In particular, a Pubbets online school that delivers free classes to all of our charity partners.

We will start with the I See I Do centre in Cambodia first and then slowly roll it out to the other programs that we support. 

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet in August and September. 10% of all profit goes to our charity work and we're making real and positive changes in the lives of so many disadvanatged kids.

Charity Update August 2021

Charity Update August 2021
Aug 15, 2021 James Marshall

I See I Do Charity

We sent a Pubbet to Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity center and his kids have been fun playing with him! Pubbet 4 will be used in the school center when classes are allowed to start again.

We also sent some Pubbet t-shirts which will be given out to students as rewards.

Kim has been busy keeping the center poultry farm operating. Thanks to our contribution last month he's been able to keep all of the animals fed and sales have been keeping the charity work going - including food and medical care to disadvantaged people in the local village.

We sent $80 to Kim which will be used to keep the farm and charity work going.

Kevin Levrone Cambodia School of English

Classes have continued and there are now two classes each day.

David and Noy also decided to do a food drive for the local village after being asked for help by many families. This food drive was held on the 15th of August and we did a special charity auction which raised $90.
Thank you to the Myers family for winning the auction!
The food drive was a great success, with enough food packages to feed 80 families.
We sent $170 to the Kevin Levrone Cambodia School of English which was used to help buy food for their food drive. 

Charity Update July 2021

Charity Update July 2021
Jul 15, 2021 James Marshall

We had a great start with Pubbet 4 this month and was able to send $147 to both of our charity partners in Cambodia; The Kevin Levrone School of English and the I See I Do program.

The guys at Kevin Levrone school did a big upgrade to their classroom and the kids now have tables and chairs for their classes. The local police also approved the school to run classes limited to 15 students per lesson. 

This is great news after 5 months of restrictions, and the kids were eager to get back to school!

We also held an emergency charity auction for Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity centre.

Kim Ny has been hit hard by the recent 'red zone' covid lockdown in his province. The restrictions mean he hasn't been able to send birds from the poultry farm to customers around Cambodia.

The feed for the farm alone is $280 per month, and we were able to raise $220 from the auction and another $50 from customer donations. This plus the 10% of profit payment from Pubbets means that the farm will be able to survive during the lockdown and Kim has also helped a local girl and her mother with a food package.

Thank you to Ben for winning the auction, and Garth and Drew for their donations. You guys are awesome!


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