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Aimee Pollysworth. Green 32" (80cm) Full-Body Girl Hand Puppet with Tailored Outfit, Brown Hair & Carry Bag

Aimee Pollysworth. Green 32" (80cm) Full-Body Girl Hand Puppet with Tailored Outfit, Brown Hair & Carry Bag

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Meet Aimee Pollysworth - The Gardener, Astronomer, and Baker Extraordinaire 🌼🌌🍰

Welcome to the charming world of Aimee Pollysworth, a true multi-talented delight. With her lovely green complexion, long light brown hair, and captivating round disc eyes, Aimee is a puppet of many passions. She's here to share her love for gardening, astronomy, and baking with you in the most enchanting way!

Key Features

  • 🌼 Avid Gardener: Aimee's green thumb is undeniable. Her garden blooms with vibrant flowers and whimsical plants, creating a magical oasis.
  • 🌌 Passionate Astronomer: Aimee's fascination with the cosmos knows no bounds. She spends her nights stargazing, exploring the mysteries of the universe.
  • 🍰 Master Baker: Aimee's dessert creations are pure magic. Her delicious confections are a testament to her culinary skills and creativity.
  • 🎨 Captivating Appearance: Aimee's charming look, with her lovely green complexion and unique round disc eyes, adds an extra touch of magic to her character.

Experience the Magic with Aimee Pollysworth! 🌟🌻

Aimee Pollysworth is more than just a puppet; she's an embodiment of creativity and passion. Here's how you can bring her enchanting presence into your life:

  • 🌼 Botanical Adventures: Join Aimee in her garden and explore the wonders of nature. Learn gardening tips, discover exotic plants, and cultivate your green thumb.
  • 🌌 Starry Nights: Experience the beauty of the night sky with Aimee. She'll guide you through the cosmos, helping you identify constellations and planets.
  • 🍰 Baking Delights: Unleash your inner pastry chef with Aimee's scrumptious recipes. Bake delightful treats that will impress family and friends.
  • 🎭 Imaginative Play: Incorporate Aimee into puppet shows, storytelling, and creative activities. Let her inspire your imagination and storytelling adventures.

Free Shipping and Whimsical Gifts 🚚✨

Order Aimee Pollysworth today, and we'll enchantingly deliver her to your doorstep with free shipping. As a magical bonus, you'll receive a delightful mystery gift, and access to an exclusive online puppetry course!

Embrace the Magic with Aimee Pollysworth! 

Don't miss the opportunity to welcome Aimee into your world. Embrace her love for gardening, astronomy, and baking, and let the magic unfold. Start your enchanting journey today!

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