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Blinky McShortstop - Premium Orange 32" Full-Body Cheeky Boy Puppet

Blinky McShortstop - Premium Orange 32" Full-Body Cheeky Boy Puppet

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Meet Blinky McShortstop - The Quirky Paperboy Puppet Extraordinaire! 🌟

Get ready to welcome Blinky McShortstop into your puppet collection!

With his vibrant orange color, black beady eyes, and a side-parted white fur hairdo, he's here to deliver bundles of laughter.

Key Info - Take Note

  • 🧡 Street-Smart Style: Blinky's chino pants and blue striped t-shirt give him that classic paperboy charm.
  • 👀 Expressive Beady Eyes: His black beady eyes make him a master of expressions.
  • 🤣 Orange Mischief: Be prepared for plenty of laughs with Blinky's quirky personality.

Experience the Laughs with Blinky McShortstop! 🧡📰

Blinky isn't just a puppet; he's a bundle of joy and humor. Here's why you'll love having him:

  • 📰 Hilarious Performances: Blinky's street-smart antics will have your audience in stitches.
  • 🤪 Endless Laughter: Bring quirky humor to your puppet shows with Blinky's expressive face.
  • 🧡 Classic Charm: He's like a blast from the past with a modern twist!

Free Shipping and Bonus Gift 🚚🎁

Order Blinky McShortstop today, and we'll ship him to you with free delivery. As a special thank you, you'll also receive a Pubbets Lab carry bag and a mystery gift!

Bring Blinky McShortstop Home and Unleash the Orange Mischief! 🧡🤣

Don't miss this opportunity to add some hilarity to your puppet shows. Let Blinky McShortstop deliver the laughs!

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