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24 Feb 2023 Puppet Drop 2: Ella!

24 Feb 2023 Puppet Drop 2: Ella!

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Introducing Ella, the most fashionable puppet in town!

With her long black wavy hair, big round eyes, and cute pink nose, she's sure to steal your heart.

She comes dressed in a stunning purple dress with floral details and a big collar, complete with a matching handbag and pink shoes with floral details.

Ella is perfect for storytelling, imaginative play, and even as a decoration for your home or office.


  • Handmade with care and attention to detail
  • Made with high-quality synthetic hair and soft, durable fabrics
  • Comes with a beautiful tailored dress, handbag, and shoes
  • Eyes are large round style with pink eyelids and black felt pupils
  • Soft pink nose made with durable foam
  • 80cm tall


  • Provides endless hours of creative play and storytelling for kids and adults alike
  • Helps develop imagination, communication skills, and social skills
  • A unique and charming addition to any home, office, or collection
  • High-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability and beauty

Order now and let Ella be the star of your next puppet show or add her to your collection today!

Shipping Information: Ella is handmade in our workshop in Thailand and ships via DHL Express. Most deliveries arrive within a week!

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