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Ocean Adventures Hand Puppets. 25-30cm - 9 Animals

Ocean Adventures Hand Puppets. 25-30cm - 9 Animals

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Ocean Adventures Hand Puppets - 9 Fun-Loving Sea Creatures!

Do you love sea creatures? Do you want to bring them to life and tell your own ocean tales? Then our Ocean Adventures Hand Puppets are perfect for you! With 9 different sea creatures to choose from, you can bring the magic of the ocean to your home.

These hand puppets are made of soft and cuddly plush material and are approximately 25-30cm tall, making them the perfect size for children and adults alike. From the playful chameleon to the mysterious octopus, each puppet is lifelike and packed with personality.

These hand puppets are great for imaginative play and can be used to tell stories, act out scenes, or simply snuggle up with. They make a great gift for kids and adults, or as a fun addition to your own playtime collection.

Each puppet comes in its own transparent OPP bag, making them easy to store and transport.

Get ready to explore the ocean with our Ocean Adventures Hand Puppets!

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