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Pubbet 4 - Full-Body Hand Puppet & Carry Bag

$99.95 $134.95
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Pubbet #4 is our BEST puppet yet - Save $35 in our launch sale!

  • 80cm tall: Pubbet #4 is our biggest puppet ever and stands at approximately 80 cm / 31.5 inches tall.
  • Full-body design: Great for performers, teachers and ventriloquists of all ages.
  • Poseable fingers: Using our new internal hand design, you can pose the puppets fingers any way you like.
  • Internal finger grips: Get the best mouth control with the built-in elastic finger grips.
  • Swappable outfits: Create a whole new character with a new outfit. The upper clothing and shoes for Pubbet #4 can be swapped for other Pubbet outfits.
  • High-quality materials: We have spared no expense in creating our latest Pubbet. Our goal has always been to deliver a premium quality puppet at an unbeatable price!

Puppetry is a timeless artform that instantly captivates people of all ages. Share Pubbet 4 with your friends, family, students or colleagues and watch their faces light up with wonder!

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I designed Pubbet 4 to be big, light-weight and super fun to use. I think you're going to love this puppet! - James Marshall, Papa of Pubbets

10% of all profit goes to our kids education charity program

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10% of profit goes to kids education

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