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Suit Jacket, White Shirt, Red Tie & Shoes Outfit Set

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$24.95 USD
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$24.95 USD

Suit & Tie Outfit Set

  • A tweed suit jacket/sports coat
  • A white collared shirt insert
  • Red 'lazy' wrap around tie
  • Pair of formal style vinyl shoes


All tailor made to fit your Pubbet perfectly!

These Pubbet 4 Marvin outfit sets are limited edition and won't be offered again in the future.

Price includes international shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful Pubbet!

Everyone loves Marvin! Excellent construction, high quality and super cute! Very easy to switch outfits between the yellow hoodie and the suit jacket and tie. Thanks for making such an excellent product! We hope that you'll also create a line of Pubbet outfits eventually!

Thanks Paul! We are busy designing and finding manufacturers for a range of super cute Pubbet outfits due to customer requests.
In the meantime, Marvin is big enough to wear 18 month toddler sized clothing so it’s easy to give him a new look

Michael F.
Suit-ably impressed!

A lovely outfit which makes Marvin look like quite the professional! It’s the details that really set it off - looking forward to seeing more high quality outfits for him and his Pubbet friends

Thank you Michael! We have a range of outfit sets that will be released throughout 2022

Lee T.
Great outfit for bringing my Pubbet to life!

I love how these Pubbets have been designed so they can easily change outfits and become a completely different character! This outfit is quick and simple to change and is very high quality! This ‘suit’ outfit is great if you’re doing greenscreen puppetry and have struggled with the default yellow hoody outfit, as the suit and tie outfit is easy to chromakey!

The tie and jacket fit perfectly, the shoes are lightweight but look great, very professional!

This new outfit is a great addition to a great product!

Robert v.B.
Marvin the pubbet

Great pubbet creates lots of entertainment and laughs

Helena Y.
Stylish fun

Awesome puppet (pubbet) suit, well made, very colourful. Elastic a little tight on tie, but eventually fitted it :)