Charity Update - August 2020 to February 2021

Charity Update - August 2020 to February 2021

I've been a bit lazy with the blog over the last few months.. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working 7 days a week and most of my spare time is devoted to the new Pubbet 4 Indiegogo campaign which will launch next month.
Despite the lack of updates, I've still been making monthly donations to two kids education charity programs in Cambodia: the I See I Do School and the School of English.
Kevin Levrone School in Cambodia
I've closed the drawing robot site but my other online store at and our Etsy store also contribute 10% each month.
Our sponsored student at the I See I Do school, Chan Thue, is doing well in her classes and we send $50 a month to cover her family's food and education costs.
This is a short video of Chan Thue with her grandmother and baby brother. She takes care of them and our support each month means they have enough food to eat which means she's able to go to school every day.
As mentioned above I'm gearing up for the Pubbet #4 pre-order campaign and manufacturing. I saved every cent that I could last year and have saved enough money to cover the manufacturing costs, but I still need around $3250 for other costs such as shipping, printing, packaging and website/graphic design.
10% of all profit raised during the Pubbet 4 Indiegogo campaign will go to our charity work. Here's the pre-launch page link:
Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date with our charity work and puppetry photos, news and the latest Pubbets info.
I will update this blog more often once we start retail sales of Pubbet 4 and our charity contributions increase.
Future goals for the charity program include setting up permanent online classrooms in the schools that we support. Then I'll be able to coordinate a roster of volunteer teachers around the world to deliver classes for the students.
As the business grows we could start to pay teachers for their classes using profits from Pubbet sales. Both of our schools are very remote to setting up an internet connection, buying a PC, webcam, mike and big display would cost around $3,000 per school. #goals
Ok - back to work! You're going to love Pubbet 4. I'm so happy with the way he's turning out. This will be our first full body puppet and the quality is the best that we've ever made!
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