Welcome to Pubbets!

Pubbets was founded in 2018 and we've sold hundreds of our big beautiful full body hand puppets to happy customers all over the world!

To date we have released 7 puppet characters and release new professional hand puppets every 3-4 months.

About Pubbets

Pubbets Charity Program

We believe every child should have the chance to learn, live and grow in a safe and loving environment.

10% of all profit goes to disadvantaged kids.

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  • High Quality Materials and Finish

    We're dedicated to giving you the very best puppets at the lowest price.

    Pubbets are designed to entertain any size audience!

  • We design and make our own products

    You'll feel the quality right away when you pull your Pubbet puppet out of its custom carry bag!

    These are not regular hand puppets!

  • 10% of profit goes to disadvantaged kids

    We've been helping kids get a better start in life since we started Pubbets in 2018.

    Our focus for 2022 is vocational studies.

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