We believe that puppetry brings people together, and that's why we design and craft high-quality puppets that capture hearts and spark imaginations. Welcome to the enchanting world of Pubbets, an Australian puppet venture that combines the magic of puppetry with the joy of creativity!

Welcome to the enchanting world of Pubbets, an Australian venture that brings together the magic of puppetry and the joy of creativity.

With a deep appreciation for the art form, we design and craft puppet companions that capture hearts and spark imaginations!

Whether you're a teacher seeking a captivating teaching tool, an artist looking for a unique form of expression, a performer in need of a trusty sidekick, or a collector in search of whimsical treasures, Pubbets has something special for you!

Unleash Your Creativity with Pubbets' Latest Handcrafted Puppet Range!

Explore our latest puppet creations, featuring our best-selling Marvin Junior and the playful Grumplesnoot. Perfect for educators, performers, and collectors, our handcrafted, high-quality puppets bring creativity and storytelling to life.

Handcrafted Premium Puppets: A Collector’s Dream Come True!

Discover the magic of our Premium Puppets – handcrafted, unique, and perfect for collectors. Each custom puppet is an artisan-crafted masterpiece that adds a touch of charm and fun to your collection. These full-bodied, high-quality puppets are not just toys but collectible pieces, bringing endless hours of joy and laughter!


Ready to Create Your Own Puppet Character?

Our online puppet builder allows you to create custom, handcrafted puppets equipped with professional features such as internal finger grips, detachable legs, and posable hands. These one-of-a-kind creations, born out of your imagination, bring a unique charm to puppet collections and performances. Our workshop is committed to delivering quality and affordability, having crafted hundreds of unique puppet characters for satisfied customers worldwide.

Design Your Own Puppet!

Premium Puppets

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Tyler the Basketball Superstar Puppet | Unleash Your Sporting Spirit
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Mark: The Friendly Blue Puppet with Detachable Legs and Posable Hands
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Granny Doris - Handcrafted Granny Puppet with Custom Outfit | High-Quality Construction | Free Shipping
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Robin - The Charming Blue Puppet with Custom Hairpiece | Free Worldwide Shipping

Pubbet Kids

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Squiggles the Snail - 22cm Hand Puppet
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Fuzzy Friends! 35cm Soft Animal Hand Puppets - Sloth, Monkey and Sheep
Sale Off
Hoppy Pals! 35cm Soft Rabbit Hand Puppets
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Fluttering Friends: Colorful 24cm Butterfly Hand Puppet for Interactive Play

Other Puppets

This range offers affordable puppets that don't compromise on quality or fun. Perfect for kids, these hand puppets are easy to use and promise hours of storytelling and imaginative play. These cheap puppets are an ideal way to introduce children to the art of puppetry, helping them improve their motor skills and creativity!


Explore Our Take on the Fascinating World of Puppetry

Discover how puppets can play a powerful role in therapy, helping individuals express emotions, communicate effectively, and facilitate healing. Explore puppetry as a rewarding hobby, offering a unique blend of artistry, creativity, and storytelling. Learn how puppets can enhance classroom learning, making education more engaging and interactive. Our blog also celebrates puppetry as a form of self-expression, giving voice to your imagination and feelings. Join us at the Pubbets Blog and delve into these fascinating facets of puppetry, along with the latest trends, insights, and news from the Pubbets community.

Join the Pubbets Revolution: Uncover the Must-Have Merchandise!

Our exclusive collection showcases high-quality  garments and products featuring artwork inspired by the beloved Pubbets puppet characters. 

Indulge in wearable art and transform your everyday style with Pubbets-inspired fashion!


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