Charity Update July 2021

Charity Update July 2021

We had a great start with Pubbet 4 this month and was able to send $147 to both of our charity partners in Cambodia; The School of English and the I See I Do program.

The guys at the School of English did a big upgrade to their classroom and the kids now have tables and chairs for their classes. The local police also approved the school to run classes limited to 15 students per lesson. 

This is great news after 5 months of restrictions, and the kids were eager to get back to school!

We also held an emergency charity auction for Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity centre.

Kim Ny has been hit hard by the recent 'red zone' covid lockdown in his province. The restrictions mean he hasn't been able to send birds from the poultry farm to customers around Cambodia.

The feed for the farm alone is $280 per month, and we were able to raise $220 from the auction and another $50 from customer donations. This plus the 10% of profit payment from Pubbets means that the farm will be able to survive during the lockdown and Kim has also helped a local girl and her mother with a food package.

Thank you to Ben for winning the auction, and Garth and Drew for their donations. You guys are awesome!

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