Charity Update April 2020

Charity Update April 2020

The world is going through uncertain times. Schools, businesses and entire countries have been closed down. Many people are struggling to find a way to feed their family and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.
But Kim Ny at the I See I Do program is still working every day to help people in need. With a kind donation he was able to provide 100 bottles of sanitiser to poverty stricken people in his village.
Many people have abandoned their children out of desperation. The already low income area of Takeo Province has been devastated by the virus outbreak and countrywide restrictions on work opportunities.
Kim has helped a number of kids in dire conditions to get safe shelter and food to ensure their survival. Make no mistake, the virus outbreak has been an inconvenience to many of us in 1st world countries, but the effect on places like rural Cambodia has been nothing short of heart-breaking.
As mentioned in a previous update, money donated from our recent fundraiser has gone towards setting up a fantastic farm on the charity property, with ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys.
The eggs and animal products go toward keeping the project running in these tough times, but help is still needed to buy food for the animals.
The school program has been closed indefinitely until restrictions are lifted and Kim reports that he has been feeling very miserable with recent events. Please send him some words of encouragement on his Facebook account:
Sales have been slow at Pubbets recently, which is understandable. People are being careful with their spending. However, I've been fortunate to get some extra private online students so have sent Kim a donation of $100 to help keep the charity farm going.
The farm project is integral to our long-term vision for the I See I Do charity program. Many of the local youth have no direction in life and no motivation to try and escape poverty. Many end up in the sex industry or turn to drugs for relief.
With proper education and programs to teach things like sustainable agriculture, craft, retail skills, aquaculture and traditional medicine - we can provide opportunities for these kids that otherwise have no support or escape from the poverty cycle.
The hardest kids to reach are the local teenage aged boys, who consider schooling a waste of time. They don't see any hope or reason for studying, but Kim has found a solution for this problem.
Many of the boys are very interested in computer studies, so Kim has spent a lot of time and effort raising funds to buy computer equipment for their school program.
What was once a simple bamboo and grass building a few months ago has now been transformed into a fantastic school centre, complete with furniture and an IT studies room.
We've got a handful of computers setup but with over 100 kids going to class each day it's simply not enough.
Along with the farm project, the IT studies program is another goal that is being focused on this year. I will continue to support Kim with 10% of all profit from Pubbets and you can also send donations directly to my Paypal at and I'll forward it along with my monthly contribution. These contributions are fully transparent and proof will be supplied of funds transfer.
We hope that you and your family are safe and feeling optimistic wherever you are. We're all doing it tough but please spare a thought for the people in the world that were already at rock bottom. At that point there's nowhere else to go..
Let's do our best to help wherever we can. More updates soon!
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