Pubbet 12 Released 28 May 2024

Smooch 2.0

Get Smooch 2.0 now! Dive into magical storytelling with this premium, full-bodied puppet. Featuring a professional design, easy grips, and high-quality materials. Big Hugs, Big Heart, Big Fun!

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Releasing in Mid July 2024

Pubbet Minis

Discover the charm of Pubbet Minis, a delightful range of deluxe half-body hand puppets, each standing 35cm tall.

Crafted with the same Pubbets quality, these minis come ready for adventure with a drawstring carry bag and a handbook brimming with creative puppetry ideas.

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Exclusive Collection: Premium Pubbets Series

Discover Uniquely Crafted Puppet Characters from James Marshall, the Renowned Papa of Pubbets!

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