Charity Update April 2022

Charity Update April 2022

Sales have been good thanks to the release of our new Pubbet Minis and  pre-orders being available for our first two monster puppets that are being released in late May.

Profit from 16 March through to 15 April was $5719 and 10% ($571.90) was allocated to our charity program.

$479 was donated to the following projects and $92.90 has been put aside for a new charity project that we are doing due diligence on. More info on this in our next update!

No Kid Will Be Left Behind at My School

We sent $94 to the 'No Kid Will Be Left Behind at My School' GoFundMe project based in Cambodia. This money was apparently used to buy books for their school project.

Ban Huai Lua School, Thailand

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Our sponsor school in Nan province has been on their annual school break between academic years, and the students have been enjoying their time off.

All of the students have done well in their end of semester tests! Well done to everyone.

The head teacher has continued to do special events for the students and we have donated $100 to help stock up their school kitchen for the oncoming school year. This payment was transferred 18 May due to the school being closed in April.

Hand 2 Hand Foundation, Thailand

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I visited the Hand to Hand Foundation to say hello and have a tour of their centre in Chonburi, Thailand. The founder Margie showed me around and we enjoyed seeing all of the improvements since my last visit in 2018 and hearing about the future plans for the school centre!

The new Pubbet Minis also made an appearance and I donated some clothes and puppets.

We donated $100 to help pay for stationery for the scholarship program that helps many students get an education who may have otherwise missed out due to poverty.

Margie has invited me to go back and do a puppetry training day with the staff. I'm looking forward to this and will share some pics and video of the day.

Hands of God Charity, Philippines

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Pubbets donated $94 to this charity that supports children battling a range of life-threatening illnesses and disabilities.

It's heartbreaking to see these kids fighting such terrible illnesses and I'm happy that our support is making real change in their lives. 

I See I Do Charity

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Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity project in Takeo Province, Cambodia continues to upgrade the school facilities. After raising the existing roof and improving the structure of the current classroom building, they have started to build a completely new school building which will house classrooms and accommodation for visiting volunteers.

We donated $91 to this project which will go towards building supplies and laborer salary.

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Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet or any of our other products. 10% of all profit goes to our charity work and we're making real and positive changes in the lives of so many disadvantaged kids.

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