Charity Update August 2021

Charity Update August 2021

I See I Do Charity

We sent a Pubbet to Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity center and his kids have been fun playing with him! Pubbet 4 will be used in the school center when classes are allowed to start again.

We also sent some Pubbet t-shirts which will be given out to students as rewards.

Kim has been busy keeping the center poultry farm operating. Thanks to our contribution last month he's been able to keep all of the animals fed and sales have been keeping the charity work going - including food and medical care to disadvantaged people in the local village.

We sent $80 to Kim which will be used to keep the farm and charity work going.

Cambodia School of English

Classes have continued and there are now two classes each day.

David and Noy also decided to do a food drive for the local village after being asked for help by many families. This food drive was held on the 15th of August and we did a special charity auction which raised $90.
Thank you to the Myers family for winning the auction!
The food drive was a great success, with enough food packages to feed 80 families.
We sent $170 to them which was used to help buy food for their food drive. 
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