Charity Update May 2022

Charity Update May 2022

Sales were good in May thanks to a big price drop on our full-body puppets.

I've also been making a lot of custom VIP puppets which have been selling well!

Profit from 16 April through to 15 May 2022 was $9680 and 10% ($968) was allocated to our charity program.


There was $92.90 left from our April funds, so the total donation pool for May 2022 was $1060.90.

The total amount donated for May 2022 was $1006.20 with $54.70 in reserve.

Ban Huai Lua School, Thailand

Facebook Page

School is back and the students were happy to return to classes after their big annual school break. Many of the students have graduated and doing higher level school work now.

The head teacher has continued to do special extra school activities with the students which builds pride in their school and teaches important life skills. After recent heavy rains the kids got to work to clean up the mess!

Pubbets has donated $100 to help stock up their school kitchen for the month ahead and help lower income students to pay for uniforms and school supplies. 

This school is managed by one of the nicest people I've met here in Thailand and I'm happy to support the amazing work he does with these kids who would normally not be able to attend school.

Namuen, Nan Province Local School

A teacher in my wife's home town of Namuen in Thailand heard about our charity work and reached out to ask for help.

The government provides basic funds to rural schools but many kids in that part of Thailand are living in poverty. For many of them their daily lunch at school is the main meal of the day.

Pubbets has sent $100 USD to help buy food supplies for the lunch program. 


Hand 2 Hand Foundation, Thailand

Facebook page

Pubbets donated 12 Pubbet Minis for their new weekend youth program. Margie is going to do a regular puppetry session with the kids each Saturday.

We also donated $100 through their new online donation link at Global Giving. This money will go to the scholarship students and help to pay for school supplies.
This is a wonderful charity project and I urge you to check out their Facebook page linked above and think about supporting the work they do with disadvantaged families in Chonburi, Thailand. 

I'm currently working on some lesson resources to help Margie with the weekend youth program puppetry class. Make sure to join our Pubbets Academy group on Facebook if you'd like to use the resources too!

Hands of God Charity, Philippines

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Pubbets first donated $205 to this charity that supports children battling a range of life-threatening illnesses and disabilities. 

These kids are often living in poverty along with dealing day to day with their health challenges, so every dollar donated here goes a long way. The money was used to pay for food and medication for a big group of families that had asked for help.

Later in the month I saw an appeal to buy a special reclining wheelchair for a girl with cerebral palsy.

Pubbets sent $155 USD to pay for this and she will soon be able to sit up and be more mobile. Update next month!

I See I Do Charity

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Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity project in Takeo Province, Cambodia has started classes in the new upgraded school centre. The kids are so happy to go to school each day in full uniform and do classes in the huge new classroom!


We donated $100 to this project which will go towards building supplies and laborer salary. The renovation work is continuing and the school has also set up an aquaculture pond to farm fish.

Mission Samburu

Facebook page

This charity project is run my cousin and I'm proud to sponsor two kids in Africa which will help to provide food and safe housing for them. This will be an ongoing sponsorship of $95 USD which covers both of the children.

Cambodian Children's House Association

We have sent donations to this orphanage in the past, and the director contacted me to help with extra food needed at their centre.

They now have 50 kids living at the home and our donation will be used to buy rice for their daily meals. 

Please like our Pubbets Facebook page here for the latest updates!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet or any of our other products. 10% of all profit goes to our charity work and we're making real and positive changes in the lives of so many disadvantaged kids.

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