Unveiling the Cost of Custom Puppets – Making Joy Affordable with the Pubbets Lab

Unveiling the Cost of Custom Puppets – Making Joy Affordable with the Pubbets Lab

When it comes to bringing characters to life, custom puppets hold a special place in the hearts of creators, educators, and entertainers alike. These unique creations offer a tangible way to express creativity, tell stories, and engage audiences of all ages. However, one question that frequently arises is, "How much does a custom puppet cost?"

The Price Spectrum of Custom Puppets

The cost of custom puppets can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the creator's expertise.

On average, custom puppets range from $500 to $1500 USD, a price point that reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and hours of labor involved in their creation.

Introducing the Pubbets Lab: A Revolution in Custom Puppetry!

At the Pubbets Lab, we're passionate about making the joy and creativity of puppetry accessible to a broader audience. We understand that while the average cost of custom puppets might be out of reach for some, the value they bring in terms of entertainment and education is immeasurable. That's where our custom puppet workshop comes into play.

Our custom puppet packages start at an incredibly affordable $189.95, including free worldwide shipping. But how do we manage to offer such competitive pricing without compromising on quality?

The Secret Behind Our Pricing

The answer lies in our innovative production process. We manufacture the base 'blank' puppets in large quantities at a professional soft toy factory in China. This approach allows us to take advantage of economies of scale, reducing the cost per unit significantly.

Once we receive an order, we get to work right away in our workshop in Thailand, where the magic happens. Here, each custom puppet is assembled with care and precision. We use high-quality materials such as plastic resin eyes, hand-made outfits, and professional-style fur, wigs, and accessories to bring each character to life.

A Family-Operated Venture

One of the reasons we can keep our costs so low is by maintaining a lean operation. Pubbets Lab is primarily run by my wife and I, eliminating the need for expensive retail space or a large workforce. This hands-on approach not only helps us control expenses but also ensures that every puppet we create meets our high standards of quality and uniqueness.

Our Mission

Our goal at the Pubbets Lab is to make custom puppets affordable and accessible to more people. We believe in the power of puppets to create joy, spark imagination, and foster connections. By offering our services at such an accessible price point, we hope to encourage more individuals and organizations to explore the endless possibilities of puppetry.


Custom puppets don't have to be a luxury item. With the Pubbets Lab, creating a personalized puppet character is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Whether you're a teacher, performer, or simply someone who loves the art of puppetry, we're here to bring your visions to life without breaking the bank.

Explore our custom puppet packages today and discover the joy of puppetry for yourself!

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