Marvin Junior Info Page

Introducing Marvin Junior

Your new friend is a premium quality, full-bodied hand puppet, ready to bring a world of imagination to life!

Marvin Junior Puppet Image

What's in the Box

  • Marvin Junior 24" (60cm) Full-Body Hand Puppet
  • 30 cm Arm Rod
  • Extra Eye Pupil Stickers
  • Drawstring Carry Bag

Marvin Junior Puppet Accessories

Your 10-Part Puppetry Course Awaits

Ready to level up your puppetry skills?

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  • Once in the group, click on the Guides section and enjoy the 10 fun-filled video lessons - suitable for all ages and ability levels.
  • You can also share your puppetry journey with other friendly people from all over the world, plus get secret access to special deals and the latest updates direct from Pubbets HQ!

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Arm Rod Tutorial

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Marvin Junior Care Instructions

  1. Spot clean any soiled area with soapy water—ordinary fabric detergent works well.
  2. With gentle hands, cleanse the area and then use clear water to dab away as much soap residue as possible.
  3. Allow to dry in a shaded area; Please avoid the tumble dryer.

Want To Support What We Do?

We have a Patreon account and for just $5 USD a month you'll get access to lesson plans, worksheets, games, activities and much more - all based around the timeless art of puppetry.

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10 Fun Ways to Use Marvin Junior

  1. Bring Storytime to Life: Animate story sessions with Marvin's expressive movements.
  2. Educational Play: Teach new words, colors, or concepts in a fun, interactive way.
  3. Creative Videos: Create your own puppetry videos for social media or a YouTube channel.
  4. Interactive Learning: Use Marvin to illustrate challenging topics or concepts.
  5. Therapeutic Communication: Facilitate expressive therapy sessions.
  6. Language Learning: Practice a new language with interactive dialogues.
  7. Music and Dance: Choreograph puppet dances or lip-sync performances.
  8. Community Puppet Shows: Organize puppet shows for local events or schools.
  9. Improvise Theater: Experiment with puppet improvisation to boost creativity.
  10. Family Bonding: Engage in puppet play as a fun family activity.