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We can guarantee delivery in time for Christmas if you order a puppet without glasses before the 17 December.
We use DHL Express for shipping on puppets without glasses - with 5-7 day delivery to most destinations!

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Pubbets Lab - Custom Puppet Creator!

5 Years Experience 

  • I started making custom puppets in 2017 while working as a full-time teacher.
  • Since then I've created hundreds of custom puppet characters for happy customers all over the world!
  • Send us an email at or click on the Chat with us button below if you have any questions or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Pubbets Lab Based?

The Land of Smiles!

Pubbets is an Australian business but we have decided to set up the Pubbets Lab in Thailand.

We find that Thailand offers the perfect location for what we're doing with the Pubbets Lab. 

Here we have access to talented staff (tailoring and manufacturing), a low cost of living and affordable shipping options.

This allows us to offer you a premium product at a fantastic price! 

Want to visit the Pubbets Lab in Thailand?

Send us an email

2. How Long Will My Puppet Take to Make?

Quality Takes Time

We're proud of the beautiful puppets that we make in the Pubbets Lab!

Each one is assembled from a range of hand-made pieces.

With our current team we can usually finish 3-4 puppets each day. Every puppet takes at least 3 hours to make, from the initial order review to final shipping.

We will finish orders sequentially as they come in.

Please contact us by chat or email to find out how long the current waitlist is. 

3. How Long Will Shipping Take?

4+ Years Experience

We've been shipping our big beautiful puppets to happy customers around the World since 2018.

Most orders arrive in 8 to 10 business days.

Need faster shipping? 

Contact us here

We can send by EMS International or DHL Express for an extra charge based on your location.

4. What If I Don't Like the Puppet?

We Care About Your Order

We will work directly with you to create a unique puppet character. 

You will be sent a photo of your puppet before shipping to make sure it's exactly what you want!

If you're unhappy with your puppet  then we'll work with you to reach a satisfactory outcome. 

However... we've shipped hundreds of puppets worldwide and only had to replace 2 due to shipping errors 🙂

5. Am I Allowed To Use My Pubbet Commercially?

Your Pubbet Character Is All Yours!

Our Pubbet puppets can be used in any work - non-commercial or commercial. 

Pubbets LLC  retains the rights to the original design, but no attribution is required and no royalties are incurred. 

The only restriction is against making unauthorized copies of the design for commercial sale.

All we ask is that you share our site if anyone asks 'Where'd you get that awesome puppet?

6. Why 'Pubbets'?

It All Started in 1982...

Our founder, James Marshall, grew up in rural Australia and his nickname was 'Pubba' - which is a play on the local aboriginal word 'Gubba', meaning 'white boy'.

Fast forward to 2017 when the business started and the name 'Pubbets' seemed to be a good fit.

It's a combination of the words 'Pubba' and 'Puppets'!