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Pubbets ‘Grumplesnoot’ 24” Furry Monster Hand Puppet Set BONUS Goofy Monster Tote!

Pubbets ‘Grumplesnoot’ 24” Furry Monster Hand Puppet Set BONUS Goofy Monster Tote!

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Dive deep into the heart of the Enchanted Woods, and awaken the stories that lay whispered among the trees…

Meet Grumplesnoot, the Storytime Monster, dwelling amidst the whispering trees and melodious chirps of fireflies in the Enchanted Woods. Despite his fierce look with blue shaggy fur and prominent bushy eyebrows, Grumplesnoot’s heart echoes warmth and gentleness.


Dressed in a rainbow-striped t-shirt and classic blue overalls, he weaves and shares captivating tales at the famed 'Tales Under the Moonlight' gathering, touching every heart and fueling every imagination.

Why Grumplesnoot is Your Ideal Storytelling Companion

Embrace the ultimate storytelling adventure with Grumplesnoot’s whimsical and endearing features. Perfect for puppeteers of all ages, Grumplesnoot brings stories to life, making learning interactive and fun.

Armed with a 30cm arm rod for dynamic movements and exclusive access to a puppetry course, Grumplesnoot promises a comprehensive and engaging storytelling experience.
And the best part? Enjoy free worldwide shipping and let the tales traverse oceans to reach you!

Discover What’s Inside the Box!

  • ✨ Grumplesnoot Full-Body Monster Puppet, 24" (60cm) tall
  • ✨ 30cm Metal Arm Rod for Lifelike Movements
  • ✨ Additional Eye Pupil Stickers for Video Work
  • ✨ Exclusive Access to the Pubbets Academy and a 10-Part Introduction to Puppetry course
    •  🎁 BONUS Goofy Monster Tote (US$17.50 value) 

5 Extraordinary Ways to Enjoy Grumplesnoot

  1. Organize a 'Tales Under the Moonlight' event for the little ones in your community.
  2. Introduce Grumplesnoot to your classroom for a delightful and unique learning session.
  3. Launch a 'Grumplesnoot’s Storytime' series on social media.
  4. Explore nature with Grumplesnoot, narrating adventures in the great outdoors.
  5. Transform family nights into mesmerizing story nights with Grumplesnoot leading the tales.

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