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Pubbets Goofy Monster Storage Tote - Zipper & Strap, 30x45 cm - Doubles as Padded Pillow Case

Pubbets Goofy Monster Storage Tote - Zipper & Strap, 30x45 cm - Doubles as Padded Pillow Case

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Introducing the Goofy Monster Storage Tote!

Behold the 🎁 The PERFECT Gift for Someone Special in Your Life! 🌟, a delightfully peculiar bag designed to store and transport all manner of curious items, from puppets to plush toys, and everything in between.

With a touch of otherworldly charm, the Goofy Monster Storage Tote is here to make every escapade just a little more magical.

Key Features:

🎨 Design: Our Goofy Monster Storage Tote boasts a vibrant red hue, adorned with a comically endearing monster face design, and a secure zipper to keep all your fantastical treasures safe and sound.

Size: 45 x 30cm

🔐 Zipper and Strap: The tote’s zipper ensures that your oddities stay securely tucked away during transport, while the adjustable strap makes it easy to carry on the go.

🌟 Multipurpose: This wondrous storage tote is perfect for storing a myriad of peculiar items such as:

  1. Puppets with a penchant for poetry.
  2. Socks that have miraculously returned from the mysterious land of the lost.
  3. A collection of magical pebbles, each with its own unique tale to tell.
  4. The secret stash of cookies you're hiding from your other half.

💤 Pillow Case Function: The Goofy Monster Stirage Tote doubles as a cozy padded pillow case, so you can rest your head on your favorite monster friend after a long day of whimsical adventures.

🚚 Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on your Goofy Monster Storage Tote!

🧼 Care Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed to keep your carry bag looking fresh and ready for the next extraordinary journey.

🎁 Perfect Present: The Goofy Monster Storage Tote makes an excellent gift for those with a love for the whimsical and the wacky, as well as anyone who appreciates a touch of fun and convenience in their everyday life.

📏 Size Compatibility: Our Goofy Monster Storage Tote is the perfect size for our range of 60cm full-body puppets and 35cm Pubbet mini puppets, ensuring that your beloved puppet friends have a cozy and secure home.

Don't miss out on the chance to own the Goofy Monster Red Padded Pillow Case Carry Bag!

This versatile and delightful accessory is perfect for dreamers, adventurers, and anyone with a love for whimsy.

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Customer Reviews

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albert s. (Tarlac City, Philippines)
Grumplesnoot arrived safe and sound.

Grumplesnoot has a new home! I am so glad to have him. Now, I can practice entertaining with him. Thank you for the speed of delivery, and the quality of the product is superb! This also came with Goofy Monster Storage Tote! Love it!

Hi there! We're so happy to hear that Grumplesnoot arrived safely and that you're pleased with your new Goofy Monster Storage Tote. It's great to know that you can now practice entertaining with Grumplesnoot and that our speedy delivery and quality product have met your expectations. Thanks for choosing Pubbets and have fun with your new friend!