Charity Update June 2022

Charity Update June 2022


Sales of our monster and half-body puppets were great in May-June. I also continued to create custom puppets which have been doing very well recently.

Profit from 16 May through to 15 June 2022 was $4704 and 10% ($470) was allocated to our charity program.

The total amount donated for June 2022 was $470.

Ban Huai Lua School, Thailand

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Classes have continued and the students are well into the school term now. They celebrated a traditional Thai holiday called Loy Krathong and enjoyed making beautiful handcrafts to help with the festivities.

The students have been working on projects around the school property and everyone gets involved to help maintain the school. The kids really take pride in their school and it shows!

Pubbets has continued  to support their school lunch program and our donation covers things like sauces, noodles, meat and snacks. The kids grow vegetables and fruit at the school and harvest these ingredients daily to add to the school lunches. 

Some of the students had a special treat this month and travelled to the nearest city, named Nan and also the current home of Pubbets in Thailand! The kids loved going sightseeing and visiting famous local temples.
They also went to the big Macro store and helped to choose the ingredients that would be used in the month ahead.
Pubbets donated USD$75 to this school which was used to buy food supplies and school materials. 

Namuen, Nan Province Local School

The students at the Namuen local school here in Nan province have enjoyed our lunch program support, and shared these photos to show their thanks to everyone for the extra treats they now enjoy each day.

We will continue supporting this school because it's close to our home and we can see first-hand the positive effect it's having. For many of the students the school lunch is their main meal of the day - especially during low season when families are waiting for crops to be ready for harvesting.

Pubbets has donated $70 USD to help buy food supplies for the lunch program. 

Hand 2 Hand Foundation, Thailand

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Margie and her team at the Hand to Hand Foundation in Chonburi, Thailand work tirelessly to help locate families trapped in poverty. They have a fantastic range of programs which cover everything from a daily kindy program to prison visits and food package relief for needy locals.


Our sponsor student Kong Kwan is thriving and has a natural gift for languages. She is living with her mother in one of the foundation apartments in their housing estate, and enjoys going to kindy each day.

The Hand to Hand Foundation sent us her recent report card which is copied below:

Nick Name:   Kongkwan

School: Hand to Hand Pre school

Grade: KG 1

Student Update June 2022

  • Khongkwan is a very determined little girl and she has very clear about what she wants to do and how she wants to do it.
  • She is not bossy and gets along with her peers well.
  • Khongkwan is very clever and she has just moved up to the top English reading group.
  • Her mum is doing well at school.
  • She loves living at the hand to hand housing estate as she has lots of friends.

We donated $50 through the online donation link at Global Giving. This money will go to the scholarship students and help to pay for school supplies.

Hands of God Charity, Philippines

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Greiz has had a huge improvement to her quality of life after Pubbets donated a special wheelchair for her last month. She is now able to sit up and has mobility to move around her home with support from her family.

We also paid for medical supplies to help kids living with terminal illness and disabilities. 

It's heartbreaking to see children facing such hardship and I think you'll agree that our charity funds are going to a good cause here. Pubbets will continue to support this charity and we donated $70 for June 2022

Mission Samburu

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Pubbets sponsors two students in Africa which covers their food, clothing and school costs. This is an ongoing sponsorship of $95 USD which covers both of the children.

They share updates regularly on the charity Facebook page and it's humbling to see the hardships that these people live with day to day.

"“When you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind; and you will be blessed, because they are not able to pay you back. God will repay you on the day the good people rise from death.” Luke‬ ‭14:13-14‬"

Cambodian Children's House Association

Pubbets donated $100 to pay for rice at the orphanage. They now have over 50 kids living in their home and their care also includes schooling. We are happy to support this fantastic project.
Pubbets paid for the entire centre's rice supply for the month and we will be supporting them again in the future.

Please like our Pubbets Facebook page here for the latest updates!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet or any of our other products. 10% of all profit goes to our charity work and we're making real and positive changes in the lives of so many disadvantaged kids.

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