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Great Professional Puppet at an even better price!

Great looking professional puppets are always very expensive, well that’s what I thought until I found Pubbets!

I love the design, honestly these Pubbets look even better in person then they do on video or in pictures. They are lightweight and sturdy, they work great for an adult hand but can also be performed easily by my young children.

I like how they are very soft so can be hugged and played with like a soft toy, but are also easy to work with for professional puppeteers.

The mouthplate is easy to manipulate and they eye focus is spot on, these Pubbets make my puppetry look even better!

My only criticism is that I want more characters to be released! It would be lovely if the people at Pubbets HQ would release a female character next to go with Marvin!

I should also add that delivery was extremely fast and I live in the U.K. which was awesome!

Hi Lee! Thanks for your great review. We design our Pubbets to be large size but also light enough for younger puppeteers, so I'm glad you noticed that! We have 2 girl characters coming next month and a furry monster is next on the list.

Great outfit for bringing my Pubbet to life!

I love how these Pubbets have been designed so they can easily change outfits and become a completely different character! This outfit is quick and simple to change and is very high quality! This ‘suit’ outfit is great if you’re doing greenscreen puppetry and have struggled with the default yellow hoody outfit, as the suit and tie outfit is easy to chromakey!

The tie and jacket fit perfectly, the shoes are lightweight but look great, very professional!

This new outfit is a great addition to a great product!

Like a dream!

I’ve always wanted a Muppet-style puppet and Marvin the Pubbet fulfils that! (He’s been renamed Zach though). Made with high quality material and the little touches just make him wonderful. Makes me smile every time I see him (which is every day as he’s in my office as I WFH!). Absolutely brilliant.

Thanks for leaving a review, Michael. I have my Pubbet on a tripod next to me in the office. That goofy face makes me smile whenever I see him I’m glad you like your new Pubbet!

Marvin Moves In

Marvin is in the House and we couldn’t be more delighted. He radiates personality and is very engaging. He will no doubt become King of the classroom. Thanks Pubbets HQ!

Thanks Peter! We love hearing that Pubbets will be used in the classroom. I taught kindergarten for many years and know first hand how effective classroom puppetry can be!

Amazing quality

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I did this spontaneous purchase. When it arrived I was blown away with the quality. I can’t wait to get more!

Hi Lloyd, thanks for your review! We have tried really hard to make our Pubbets high quality. We appreciate your feedback and we're really happy that you love your new Pubbet! We are releasing two girl characters next month and then a furry monster hopefully in time for Christmas. Thanks again!

He makes me SO HAPPY!!

There are very few things these days that can bring a smile to my face so quickly as a puppet. And though I swore I was done buying them, when a student sent me a pic of Marvin I was hooked! And when I opened the box it was pure excitement & joy! He now sits next to me in my office so all my students can see him when on Zoom. Sometimes he is the one teaching class! (And I teach college!!) 💗 Thank you Pubbets for my newest friend!!

Hi Christine. I teach online too and my students(of all ages) love it when my Pubbet interrupts the class! Thanks for the lovely review

Love it

I'm having so much fun on stage with Channing aka marvin he's such a flirt with the ladies when he's on stage,can't wait till Rosie arrives.

Thanks for the great review! Do you have any video of your show? We’d love to see it!

I renamed Marvin to Ted

Hi quality puppet love it. Use it with Kindred Hospice when I visit veteran patients. Also utilize when I do training with service dogs for Veterans to keep the kids occupied when they get bored.

Thanks for your review, James! We love that you're using Ted to help people. We hope he helps you to create a lot of happiness for the people you work with.

Sockettes! Deluxe Monster Sock Puppet Series 35 cm

Great, just great!

Very easy to manipulate, light weight and looks wonderful. The quality for the price is over the top. Great value!

Marvin the pubbet

Great pubbet creates lots of entertainment and laughs

Review of Marvin

Very nice well constructed puppet. Super easy to use with the finger loops above and below the mouth. I have both
versions, casual and dress clothes (2 puppets). The carry bag makes a convenient place to store the puppet and
keep him clean between shows.

Pubbet review - love it!

really pleased with the delivery and tracking. The box arrived well packed.
I absolutely love my Pubbet, so expressive and easy to manipulate. The red hair, eyes and glasses give a lovely look to the face and being able to bend the figures gives another dimension to the movement. Thank you so much, can’t wait for the next one to be delivered!

Stylish fun

Awesome puppet (pubbet) suit, well made, very colourful. Elastic a little tight on tie, but eventually fitted it :)

Boy Full Body Puppet 60cm
Wow all I can say !

This puppet moves and grooves easily!!! Hooray!!! And he looks awesome! Clothes are nice too! Get this puppet!

Cute Puppet!

We're enjoying Marvin! Already he has brought many smiles to the kids we work with. The design of the puppet is easy to work with, and as soon as I bring him out, the kids snap to attention! :). A few details I have noticed are that his carrying bag had a tear at the seam when he arrived. While this isn't a make or break for me, it was noted. Also, I find his clothes a bit difficult to work with. The tie would probably work better if it were sewn on rather than attached with the elastic. The elastic makes it difficult to get the collar of the shirt looking proper. Again, not a make or break thing for me, just info to consider for future puppets. We will definitely consider buying another Pubbet in the future.

Thank you Stephen. I agree with you regarding the elastic-neck tie in the suit outfit. We will be gluing the tie directly to the shirt in future - as you suggested. Glad to hear that your kids like the Pubbet! Thanks for your feedback and hope to send you more Pubbet characters in future

5 Star for sure!

Everything about this puppet is TOP NOTCH! Everything from the fuzzy hair down to his awesome outfit. I was surprised to learn that his fingers are even posable. I will absolutely be keeping my eye out for other Pubbets.

Thanks for the review, Rob! I'm so glad you like the extra features that are standard on every Pubbet. It took 4 months to get the posable fingers just right - but it adds so much to the puppet! We will be releasing new characters every 3-4 months and working on the base design all the time to make it better and better

good service, great communication with seller I recommend buying from this store. I wasn't disappointed ❤

I love my Pubbet!

Very well designed and so much fun to play with. Plus, he’s just so darn cute! I will definitely buy more Pubbets as they become available.

Thanks Jason! Love the RUSH shirt

Marvin the Pubbet

Great pubbet makes people laugh all the time Good quality product

Thanks for your review Robert! Your Pubbet looks very happy at his new place

Marvin the Pubbet.

I absolutely love this Pubbet. He was very well put together. And the fact that 10% of the purchase goes ti charity. Thank you so much. Bring out more Pubbets please.

Thanks for the great review Kevin! You’ll be happy to know that we plan to release new characters every 3-4 months


I love him and all my friends love him on zoom I have brought some extra clothes for him from charity shops thanks

Thank you Phillips! You’re one of our favourite Pubbet people. Love your style! ❤️

Mr bean

This outfit is very well made for the price, fitting is easy,
Very light , and he can look like he is mr bean which is a very interesting look
It is wonderful that you can get everything including the shoes with it instead of buying them separate which would be expensive top marks to how fantastic the both outfits are
And will be buying more if they do make any more outfits

Thanks Janice! We’re huge Mr Bean fans so your review made us very happy

'Marvin' Full-Body Hand Puppet with Outfit & Carry Bag

Super Comfortable

The title speaks for itself, mine is a size 2XL, fitted stretch yet super comfortable

Looks great on you! Thanks for the review