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My Custom Pubbet is Awesome!

I had a custom Pubbet made as a surprise gift for my husband. James stayed in touch with me during every step of the puppet making process, and my Pubbet turned out just so incredibly adorable. I love him almost as much as I love my real hubby!!

She is wonderful.

Rosey is a very expressive girl and easily loved by my students. I am very pleased with both the quality of this pubbet and the cuteness! She has had a make over though.


I’m sure he will be perfect, I have purchased Jasper for a gift, this will be my sons second Pubbet :)

Jasper's Great

I changed his name to Japhert, but still, it's pretty good.

If only he came with rods, then it'd be perfect. i know he was on sale for a low price, but still,, if you can add arm rods to the bundles, you can do it with the separate pubbets too.


I received these little guys for my birthday and upon opening the box I cried tears of joy they are everything I could ever want. They are beautifully handcrafted, extremely well designed and flat out AMAZING 10/10 would recommend. ✨

Jasper is awesome!

For the price, my Jasper Pubbet is the most durable and easy to use puppet that I've ever owned. If I could buy all of them I would!

Brown Full-Body Blank Puppet. Posable Hands, Detachable Legs, Internal Finger Grips. 81cm/32" Tall. Blankz by Pubbets™
Great product!

Very well made & high quality pubbet. I had a trouble with making her eyes. it took me 2 weeks to complete.
She looks very cute now ^^

Brown Full-Body Blank Puppet. Posable Hands, Detachable Legs, Internal Finger Grips. 81cm/32" Tall. Blankz by Pubbets™
Danielle O.
Love it

I loved being able to create my very own pubbet. So much fun to look at all different ideas before settling on the one I like most (which turned out to be a really cool hippy girl). It was so much fun to do!


This pubbet is where a LOT of starting puppeteer- ventrilquists should start out with! He is easy to maneuver and has personality! Give him a try for a GOOD start out! You can't go wrong you are helping people in need! Facebook video>

Happy thank you

Our recent addition of arm rods for Séam has made him feel much more animated, he is enjoying being part of our family.

Love Jasper

I love our Jaspers, they have a very cheeky personality and they enjoy rocking up at the parties we have :-) Everyone that meets them falls in love with them. Thank you so much. They are fitting into our family life very well and very quickly. They are amazing

A Work Of Art

Josie is such a beautifully made and designed puppet. From her amazing hair to her cute outfit and cheeky face, you’ll find it hard to put her down.

Set another place at your table because Josie will be spending very little time in her awesome, red printed carry bag.

Absolutely in love!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with Rosey. She is EXACTLY the type of puppet I’ve been hunting for pretty much my entire life. Her size, personality, the fabric used to make her, her clothes, ease of use, etc. She’s brought me so much joy in the few days since I’ve received her.
Customer service was absolutely amazing! Truly the best. And shipping was SUPER fast with easy tracking provided. I was a bit worried at how small the box was when I received her. However, she popped out in perfect shape and ready to go. The bag she comes in is a nice extra that can be used to store her, or to use as a backpack. Really nice touch. I can’t wait to get more Pubbets! Thanks for such a great experience!

Super cool

Just like on the website pictures. I was a bit surprised how good this looks!

Beautiful moon and earth image

Very good as in the description. Sets a very nice mood.

Goodnight moon

My new favourite night light. There's something very soothing about the moon image. Love it!

Cool lamp

A+++ Really nice. Looks like on the picture.

Good thank you

Arrived in 9 days. Works very well.


She is perfect. My daughter absolutely loves her. I am interested in buying Jasper because of the nice and prompt customer service I received. Great job.

Love her

She has settled in well with Marvin my other pubbet taken her to the park and just had some chilled out time with her

You'll Fall In Love!

This is such a well made and beautiful puppet. My kids, wife and I fell in love with her at first glance. She's very light but built strong.
This was one on the most full filling purchases I have ever made.

Don't hesitate, buy her now. You won't regret it!

Moon light

Great . Very affordable. Very good lamp.

Chicken Puppet 30 cm
Stephen K.
Fantastic and Fun Little Puppet

This is a really nice and well made puppet. My kids and I fell in love with it instantly.

Its also a good introduction into different puppeteering methods as it tends to need a slightly unusual method to operate (well for my adult hands at least). I have found that if I operate the mouth with my index and middle finders and the arms with my thumb and pinky, I can get a fair bit of movement from this cheeky little character even though I've only had it for about 10 mins.

It might be a bit small for puppeteers with large hands though.


SHE IS THE BEST. I am so excited to have her but then my daughter is already stealing her away from me 😃 She is,a great addition to our family and will always be loved. She is loving getting ready for Christmas