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Just perfect!

Thank you so much! That puppet is absolutely beautiful and perfect. It was a big dream of mine when I was a child to have a puppet like this. I was/am a big fan of the Fraggles and Muppets and I always wanted to have a puppet to make own small puppet videos. Thank you so much to make my dream come true!

Absolutely nice design and material. And I am impressed of the super fast shipping.


I love the look and feel of the puppet. With mirror work I’ve noticed that his eyes are focused upwards so the old “middle finger at the face” not as effective. But still a wonderful addition to the clan.

Lovable monster!

Our monster Snooty is the ugliest but cutest monster that is so soft and beautifully made. I love that he has a bag to get zipped into that doubles as a pillow so he has a place on the bed. Story time with Snooty adds another level of fun and wonder. Thanks Pubbets for making our lovable monster that is creating memories and happiness in our family.

A very loveable monster

As soon as l saw him his personally jumped out and was so easy to come to life and he is so light to carry round .so he’s the lightest one yet and how can you go past that adorable little face

Marvin puppet

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was blown away when he arrived. The detail is amazing and he is just fantastic, very happy with this purchase but would buy from them again. Even got to Canada within 2weeks of ordering.

A great addition to my collection

Marvin is fantastic. All my pubbets are to be fair are brilliantly made, easy to use with excellent communication with the owner. Many thanks as always!

Puppet Arm Rod Set - 2 Rods x 43cm Long - Stainless Steel - by Pubbets™

Nice Puppet

Unsure of the quality when ordering this puppet, I was surprised to see it had good quality when it arrived. Thank you, Pubbets.

Great little starter kit!

Well made, packed with felt iris' to cover the printed ones (good for filming), an arm rod to help add guestures and level up puppetry, and a handy breathable carry bag to store this character when he needs to sleep. Marvin is a marvel. Smartly dressed he gives off an ageless vibe that anyone can relate to. Once a hand is placed in the comfortable finger grips he immediately comes to life! The free puppetry course gives great tips to get you started... He'll be a source of family entertainment for years to come!

Puppet Arm Rod Set - 2 Rods x 43cm Long - Stainless Steel - by Pubbets™

Good quality for the price


Love it 😍

My Daughter has Autism and we use this Pubbet to talk about social situations and when she is struggling or upset. She even asks to talk to Poppy (the pubbets name) when something exciting happens. It is a wonderful why to talk to her and sometimes she feels more comfortable talking and expressing herself and her emotions.

Now there's two of us !

I love him so much !
I'll definitely buy him other friends from Pubbets.
Thank you so much James for having been so nice and patient with me, and thank you Pubbets for the best puppet of the world !
PS: The freebies are so adorable ;D

Perfect for your Pubbets! Puppet (or a stuffie/plushie)

We bought it in blue and love it. It was bought for a teddy bear to sit on. Bang-for-buck it's brilliant. The only minor issues are the material covering isn't a great fit, nor is it the best quality and the cussions are not the same size (don't know if that is deliberate or not). However with some manipulation the chair can be made to look amazing. We'll be buying another one when we finally buy our custom Pubbets! puppet.

Amazing Shirt

Such an amazing t-shirt. It looks awesome, the quality it top notch and the print is high quality.

My kids and friends alike all loved it!

Want to stand out in the crowd? Well I think you’ve just found your next shirt!

Amazing Quality!

These shirts are amazing! They look cool, they are well made and the print is top quality.
My kids and friends alike loved it!

Want to stand out in the crowd? Well, you’ve just found your next shirt!

Great job!

I am very happy with my purchase.

Incredible !

We brought this for our 7 year old who was really wanting a puppet. The quality is great and Marvin Jnr is now part of the family. My son is already planning another for Xmas


Love Bella! She’s so cute. Very well made. Highly recommend this shop. Thanks so much.

Wow, just Wow

Excellent design & construction. Outfit is perfect. Fast delivery with accurate tracking. Definitely my favorite.


Before I even put my arm in my puppet my 3-year-old began excitedly trying to converse with him. That first conversation was a special moment for our family. I knew there would be magic, but I didn't know it was that powerful.


I have to say, I love the new material for the face and body. I believe it will have that new look and won’t pill. I love his outfit. I will be using him professionally, and I know he will be a favorite!

Still missing piece

So, the puppet arrived, and is amazing! The quality is great, and I can’t complain about anything in particular. I am still missing the arm rod. Hopefully, I will see it in the mail soon.

Hello Neal! There was an issue with missing arm rod in the first shipments and we sent an email to everyone affected. It may have gone to your spam folder? Please contact us and we have some options for the missing arm rod

The Perfect Puppet!

I have been looking for a puppet to use in my art classroom. Marvin's charming expression and appearance won me over! He is the perfect size to take back and forth to school and is even more adorable in person! I am looking forward to the next "Junior" puppet to be released, because Marvin is going to need a friend (or two)! So glad to have found Pubbets!