Charity Update May 2020

Charity Update May 2020

The I See I Do charity program in Takeo Province, Cambodia has spent the last 9-12 months working hard to improve their school centre on the charity's property.
With help from Pubbet Puppets, and supporters from around the world, they were able to upgrade their school classrooms, setup an IT program and buy new furniture and uniforms for many of the poorest students in the area.
The charity also provides food, medical care and emergency support to almost 100 orphans from the local area. I personally sponsor one student and the monthly contribution means that she can go to school each day and doesn't need to rely on picking wild vegetables each day to feed her grandmother and toddler brother. Did I mention this kid is just 7 years old? 
Some of the kids have never owned a pair of shoes, or eaten a meal in a restaurant. The display of poverty that I saw in rural Cambodia was a sobering experience and made me even more dedicated to helping these people escape the poverty cycle.
Due to the virus outbreak the school program has been put on hold, but mouths still need to be fed. Donations are down from the network of supporters and I've been donating extra each month to top up the 10% profit guarantee from Pubbets and
Kim Ny, the founder of the charity, had an excellent idea soon after the lockdown and started to buy and raise poultry at the school property. This was always part of our long-term plan, because this type of industry is common and lucrative for this part of Cambodia.
The farm project now has a huge family of ducks, turkeys, chicken and geese, and the animals bring in a small weekly income that keeps the charity program running. Our monthly contribution from Pubbets and will go toward buying new livestock and feed for this farm project. This will help the farm to grow and become the foundation of a farming studies program for the school students.
Every purchase on Pubbets and indirectly helps this amazing charity program. Thank you!
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