Charity Update October 2021

Charity Update October 2021

October was a challenging month dealing with shipping issues which meant we had to stop advertising which led to lower sales for the month.

However, we were still able to support the charity programs outlined below.

I See I Do Charity

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Classes are running as normal at the school centre and the classroom has been packed as word spreads throughout the local area. 

Kim and the volunteers have also continued running their poultry farm which generates income for the centre.

Our September donation was used to update the school electrical wiring, which means a safer place for the students to study and learn. They also bought new chairs and tables to accomodate the growing class sizes!

We were originally planning to get an internet connection and big screen TV set up ASAP so we could do online lessons, but after speaking to Kim we have decided to focus on improving the school building structure first.

Kim has drawn up a diagram of the building and we are planning to lay down a concrete floor and then tile the roof. This will make the place stronger and also cooler during the long hot summer in Cambodia.

For October 2021 we donated $100 which will be used to cover power, water and other general expenses for the centre.

Cambodia English School

David and Noy are busy planning a big Christmas event for next month.

They also did a clothing drive where they visited a local village and donated clothing and money to the people living there.

Some great news recently as the school has been approved by the local government and now has approval to continue running.

This month we sent USD$100 (AUD$137) to their fundraising link

Ban Huai Lua School, Thailand

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The school has beenbusy this month and recently got new sport uniforms and shoes - which made the kids very happy. Look at these smiles!

This is a fantastic project because their teacher believes in a holistic teaching method where he teaches the students basic academic subjects but also real life skills, such as farming.

Then the kids learn how to prepare and cook the vegetables which they eat for their school lunches. This is the main meal for the day for many of these kids in the remote mountain village where they live.

Pubbets has donated $100 this month which will be used to buy sauces, noodles and other kitchen supplies for the lunch program.

Hand 2 Hand Foundation, Thailand

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We have donated 2 Pubbets and sets of arm rods for the kindergarten centre at the Hand 2 Hand Foundation.

I have offered to visit and give some puppetry training when the puppets arrive. It will be great to see the staff again and say hello to their cute students!

Hands of God Charity, Philippines

Facebook page

I was scrolling through Facebook and a saw a post that touched my heart.. This charity supports kids that have terminal illness and I simply couldn't ignore this.

Pubbets donated $50 which will be used to provide medicine and other support for the kids that this charity helps.

May be an image of text that says "12:14 f 34G, You've received P2,185.96... Dear Easter Sundy Maregmen Joaquin, P Pubbets! sent you P2,185.96PHP. 96 PHP. Transaction Details"

I will  continue to support these people and I think you will agree that it's a worthwhile charity to help out. Please take a look at their Facebook page if you can help in any way.


Even in months where our business profit is low I will continue to try and help as much as I can. 

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet or any of our other prodcucts. 10% of all profit goes to our charity work and we're making real and positive changes in the lives of so many disadvanatged kids.

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