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Charity Update September 2022

Charity Update September 2022

We donated $324 to the following charities in September 2022.

Hands of God Charity, Philippines

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$100 general donation was made for September 2022. This was distributed to clients in their medical charity program.

We also support a young leukemia warrior named Tami and sent $39 to help in September. Tami recently finished another round of chemo and will be back soon for more testing. We wish her a speedy and total recovery!

Harvester Baptist Church Orphanage, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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We donated $50 which was used to buy food for the orphanage kitchen. 

I See I Do, Cambodia

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We donated $50 which was used for general project costs, such as food supplies, school materials and livestock feed. 

 Mission Samburu

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We sponsor 2 children through the Mission Samburu project in Africa. The money we send each month helps to pay for their food, housing and education. We plan to contiune sponsoring Esther and Senteyio.

The sponsorship for both kids is $85 USD per month.

Please like our Pubbets Facebook page here for the latest updates!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Pubbet puppet or any of our other products. 10% of all profit goes to a range of charity projects that help disadvantaged kids get a better start in life. 

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