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Pubbet 4: Marvin!

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$127.50 USD
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$149.95 USD
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$127.50 USD

Look like a pro with Marvin, the full body professional style puppet!

Always ready to play, and packed with personality, Marvin will excite your imagination and become your new best friend!

Marvin is a Professional Style Puppet!

    • He’s a full-body puppet approximately 32" / 81 cm tall.
    • Internal elasticated finger grips to give you precise control while also being super comfy to use for all ages.
    • Light weight Marvin is a professional sized puppet but only weighs 800gm.
    • Flexible mouth palate for unlimited expression and control of your Pubbet. 
    • Posable fingers so you can point, face-palm and more!
    • Add-on outfits to easily transform your Pubbet into a whole new character.

    Stand Out From The Crowd With Marvin

    You’ll feel and see the difference as soon as you pull him out from his special drawstring carry bag and look into his big friendly face!
    This isn’t an ordinary retail hand puppet.

    Marvin Includes a Tailor-Made Formal Outfit Set

    He's wearing:
    • A Tweed style suit jacket,
    • White collared shirt insert
    • Red tie and
    • Black vinyl shoes.

    We will be releasing more of the Marvin casual outfit sets in early November!

    We’ve Been Blown Away By The 5-Star Reviews for Marvin! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Your imagination Is The Only Limit 

    Added Value For You 

    • FREE drawstring carry bag
    • FREE adoption certificate
    • FREE access to the Pubbets Academy
    • FREE extra eye pupils
    • FREE shipping worldwide

    Pubbets Charity Program

    10% of profit goes to our kids education charity program.
    You can read more about this project here 

    Don’t Forget - Every Pubbet Character Is a Limited Edition!

    We started in 2018 and Marvin is our 4th major puppet character.
    The first three characters are sold out and won’t be made again. 
    When you are not having fun with Marvin, he’ll look great on display in your home or office and is designed to sit up by himself without extra support.

    Shipping Information

    • We ship from our freight fulfilment center in Hong Kong.
    • Please note: Orders are taking 3 weeks on average to arrive due to reduced staffing at customs processing centres worldwide
    • Each Pubbet puppet comes inside a drawstring carry bag for safe keeping.
    • He's then shipped inside an extra strong packing box which is covered in a waterproof covering.
    We send you updates throughout the shipping process and you can contact us any time for more information.
    We are running low on stock, so get your Marvin the full body Hand puppet today!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Jessica O.

    Absolutely amazing puppet of super high quality. It’s like having a real muppet to play with thanks so much

    Thank you Jessica! That’s actually been one of our goals since day one.
    To create a retail puppet product that looks just as good as the professional ones we see on tv and in movies

    Fine addition

    I first spotted Marvin through an Instagram ad and thought he would make a worthwhile addition to my growing collection of puppets (which has increased significantly since beginning remote teaching). Communication from the seller was good and he arrived promptly considering the state of international postage right now.

    He came with a drawstring bag which is very useful for storage. The body frame is sturdy and the materials overall good quality. The finger grips in the head took a little getting used to but are a good addition. There are a few loose threads here and there I've had to snip off - I do appreciate the way his glasses are secured. I don't love the texture of the footwear but the update I'm most looking forward to is arm rods, I only own one full puppet with them but they add depth and versatility that means that puppet is used very regularly.

    Overall very happy with Marvin and looking forward to seeing what pubbets come next.

    Thanks for your detailed review!

    Stuart E.

    Outstanding puppet who has become a member the family already.
    Did order arm rods that did not come, but no worries.

    Thanks for the review and great photo! The arm rod set will ship separately and we are set to start shipping them this week

    Lesley M.
    Timmy our new pubbet

    My two grandsons loved our Pubbet, hours of play, laughter & fun. They called him Timmy x

    That’s a great name and you’re helping to create cherished memories that the kids will always remember!

    Raiden W.
    Great autistic's friend

    My grandson takes him everywhere. Being on the spectrum, he uses his pubbet at school, around new people etc so he doesn't feel alone and scared.

    That’s wonderful! I’ve connected with a few counsellors and therapists who are also using Pubbets to help kids living with autism I’m so glad your grandson loves his new friend!